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October 9, 2011 / Thomas Schickedanz

Hello Etsy

Three weeks ago we went to Berlin to visit the ‘Hello Etsy’ conference, a get together on sustainable living and human-scale economies, based on local markets and people rather than money. We had high hopes for an interesting and stimulating weekend away and weren’t disappointed.

The conference went over two days and the first day Hannah and I successfully juggled Otis, listening to talks, and networking all day. Most inspiring talks for me were Tony Greenham – Business as if people and planet mattered, Judy Wicks – Building Community Through Local Living Communities, Douglas Rushkoff – Program or Be Programmed, and Marco Clausen – Urban farming and local empowerment. All talks are available as videos here:

The second day Otis was grumpy, we were tired, and so we skipped most of the presentations and rather cruised around, talking to people and swapping ideas and impressions. We met a lot of great people in the crowd of mostly creative alternative, urban eclectic, intellectual left types and are taking the inspiration back to our own lives, our creativity, our impact on resources and on people. Favourite quotes/points from the weekend:

“Problem with capitalism is: there are not enough capitalists.”

“Maximizing relationships, not maximizing profits. Growth of consciousness, not materialism.”

Oscar Wilde wasn’t present, but anyway: “A map of the world that doesn’t include Utopia is not worth glancing at.”

E-werk Berlin

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