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June 24, 2011 / Thomas Schickedanz

Day 10 – Apparently ‘final day’ of the thirty day challenge

Phew, glad this is the last day of the 10 day 30-day-challenge. Feels like we’ve packed a whole month worth of stuff into it. By the way, it’s your 11 month birthday today. Happy birthday, Otis!

Otis: “Thank you! I ate a whole pear tonight. After eating a whole jar of vegetables. After eating cheese. Wow.”

28) A picture of you now and last year

29) In this past month, what have you learned?
Otis: “I’ve learned that a month can feel like 10 days. I’ve learned to pooooiiint, say da da da da heaps, and my dad thinks I’ve said ‘guck!’ and ‘dog’ (which of course I can’t say yet, I only said ‘doh! ..k’). Oh, I just learned to climb onto the couch.”

30) How do you hope your future will be like?
Otis: “I hope somewhat like this.”

Otis, ich bedanke mich für das Gespräch.

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