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June 19, 2011 / Thomas Schickedanz

Day 4 – Thirty day challenge

You weren’t available for an interview yesterday. Was war da los, Herr Otis?
Otis: “‘Tschuldigung.”

Otis: “Ich würde gerne etwas in eigener Sache sagen.”

Schiess’ los.
Otis: “I was at the zoo last weekend. And saw… ducks! And bears and elephants – man, that was depressing… And piglets! And, and, and, goats! Goats! They had goaties! Also, I think I turned a corner, day-time-sleep-wise. Had a 2hour 40 nap yesterday.”

Das ist ja hervorragend. Also, können wir bitte zu den Fragen kommen?
Otis: “Natürlich.”

10) Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
“Es waren zwei Königskinder”. Goes with any mood. It’s an all-time favourite. Starting out romantic, about two different kings’ children, I guess that’ll make them princess and prince, on separate sides of a river. They want to find a way to get each other to make out, so the girl lights up candles as a guide for the boy to swim across. A nun gets wind of that, blows out the candles and the boy drowns. Don’t know what’s her gripe. Children underaged? Not of the same clan? Not married? Anyway, I love the drama.

11) Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that pop up
Otis: “I don’t buy into iPods, but my dad’s got a wicked taste:

  1. Sigh No More – Mumford & Sons
  2. How’s Forever Been Baby – Elvis Perkins In Dearland
  3. Liebes Tagebuch – Tocotronic
  4. Part 11 – Rhian Sheehan
  5. Put Me Back Together – Erin Cole-Baker
  6. Panther Dash – The Go! Team
  7. Lucky Denver Mint – Jimmy Eat World
  8. Good Enough To Keep – Benny Goodman & His Sextet
  9. Hot Tears – Sarabeth Tucek
  10. New York, New York – Ryan Adams
  11. You Went Away – Tegan & Sara (Was that 10? Told you I can’t count.)

12) Bullet your whole day

  • up at 5.30
  • bugging parents enough so they finally get up at 7.30
  • frantic breakfast, Müsli
  • slept for 1hour 40mins
  • went to a fleamarket, Wohlwillstrasse; wow, I like punks.
  • I had Pommes Schranke and had to endure listening to an Aussie abusing her kid next to us at the table. SHE was annoying!
  • looked at a flat
  • went to the Altonale. Was alright, but a bit underwhelming. What’s with art + craft on street festivals?
  • I got pretty tired on the way back
  • I got very hungry on the way back
  • I was so beside myself when we finally arrived home that I was sitting on the left wheel of the buggy.
  • I AAAAAATE, heaps
  • played some guitar
  • Did a massive poo
  • Went to bed reasonably early, for adults, 7.30
  • I think I dreamt of dogs, not sure.

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